Elesaro Protocol is comprised of a Robost Ecosystem.
This includes a full suite crowdfunding ecosystem & Lending, Smart NFT integration into Equity Financing and an NFT Market Place.

Elesaro Platform


$ELF Token Powers the Elesaro Ecosystem:
It facilitates transactions that occurs in the Elesaro ecosystem; From Donation / Pledging to creative crowdfunding campaigns and investing in technology startups through our Equity Platform and the NFT Market place transactions.


Holders of Elf token will be able to donate or pledge to a creative campaign on the platform in order to earn a reward.

Invest in Technology Startups

Elf token will facilitate investment in well curated global tech startups listed on our Equity Platform. Blockchain is facilitating borderless transaction.

Stake for Gain.

Our token holders(Elves) who staked their token will be rewarded from our pool of tokens, depending on the duration of the staking.

Nomination Status

Top Token holders can nominate technology startups from any part of the world for our Standardization and Certification team to vet and list on the platform.

Non Fungible Token(NFT) and Market Place

Token holders who invested in technology startups will gain NFT in return. This NFT will serve as a value of the equity they own in the invested startup. Through our NFT Market place, NFTs can be traded.


Elf token holders will be able to utilize their token for different gaming activities including including Game Betting our partner's platforms.


Problems & Solutions

90% of businesses fail – majority of these ventures has cited “Lack of funding as the major reason why it failed”
“Lack of funding as the major reason why it failed”


Lack of funds has been a lingering issue for entrepreneurs and creative. A regular Reward-based crowdfunding platform charges a higher a fee on the amount raised from their platform (This usually totals 7% - 10% of the fee raised by donor) while limiting users from certain region from raising campaigns on their platform.

Even Regular equity crowdfunding platforms limits retail investors from investing in an early stage startup hence restricting them from the same kind of opportunity presented to the so called accredited investors.



With Elesaro leveraging on blockchain technology, crypto enthusiast and investors can invest in well curated startup and companies around the world using ELF COIN while gaining Equity in Return. Users can also donate to their favorite creative campaigns and gain fantastic reward including ELF COIN.

The campaign commission fee is extremely low compared to the traditional system. The New system is borderless.



Want to know more about our Project? Our White Paper is well detailed.


Read Whitepaper

The value of digital asset has experienced a huge surge. A research carried out by Delloite shows that as of 2021, the value of digital assets is worth about $1.06tr in cryptocurrency capitalization. 83% of the participant in this research also believe that digital assets will serve as an alternative or outright replacement for fiat currency in the next 5 to 10 years .

With this huge tip and believe that digital currencies will replace or serve as an alternative to fiat currencies, comes the need for a crypto token that will fill in the need of crowdfunding in our Ecosystem.

Elesaro is a hybrid crowdfunding platform for Entrepreneurs, innovators and creative individuals.



Stay Up to Date with our product development:
Check out how far we have gone and where we are.

Q1 2021
• Initiation of & Beta 2 Development.
• Community Growth Kick off.
• Implementation of the Bep-20 token.
Q2 2021
• Implementation of Wallet Functionality • Launch of Beta(2.0)
• Establishment of Partners and Kick start of Private Sale.
Q3 2021
• I.D.O • Listing on major Cex Exchanges.
• Main net launch and upgrade to Equity Crowdfunding.
Q4 2021
• Implementation of Staking Functionality • Launch of Dashboard for Asset Management and Equity Trading
• Beta test for Elesaro’s lending platform –Lendaro


Total Token Supply:


Token Allocation

  • -Team and Advisors: 20%
  • -Product / Staking: 10%
  • -Promotion and Marketing: 10%
  • -Partners: 5%
  • -Private Sales: 20%
  • -Public Sale: 10%
  • -Referral: 5%
  • -Bounty/Airdrop: 5%
  • -Reserve: 15%

Tokens allocated to advisors, team members and ecosystem partners are vested over a 12 month period.



Have questions? We’re happy to help.

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